Las Vegas

I'm back! The last time I posted something on this blog seems ages ago, but I've been so busy the past year, that I haven't had the time to take lots of pictures. I'm going to change that now, which is why I wanna update you on what happened in my life by posting the stuff I worked on while I was gone! 
For you guys, that are interested: check out my new beauty blog! <3

Last Year I took these pictures on my trip to Las Vegas. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life because I've never been in America before. 
Especially Las Vegas inspired me the most cause after that trip I can tell you guys: That city is intense! For someone who grew up in Berlin like I did the whole appearance of Las Vegas is just crazy.. and I know, you guys probably think: A trip to Las Vegas without clubs and casinos? Since I'm still underaged that was unfortunately not an option for me (which is why I'm gonna go there again on my 21st birthday) but it was still the best trip ever! Hope you enjoy the pictures xx

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